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Providing all natural therapies to reduce stress and alleviate symptoms to achieve and maintain ultimate health and wellness in a clean, calm and relaxing environment at Salt Essentials Wellness.
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Welcome to Salt Essentials Wellness. Come and experience ultimate luxury in holistic healing. Choose from a wide range of treatments that work individually or in conjunction with one another. Inquire as to what therapy or therapies are best for you.
When I came in I was feeling broken physically and mentally, and I left feeling like my old self. I felt even better the next day!
Nessie J.
I had the opportunity to experience a massage in The salt room. Not only did it physically elevate me spiritually it was quite an experience I highly recommend it.
Amy J.
Yoga with Alex was lovely and the salt room was very rejuvenating!! Loved it!
Denise W.
Everyone was very nice and friendly. Also explained salt therapy. Enjoyed the experience.
Cathy B.
Wonderful experience, thank you!
Danielle K.
This is a truly unique experience everyone should try
Kiely A.
I had an amazing experience in the salt therapy room. And the owner and front desk lady were very pleasant!
Stephanie H.
It took two visits for me to feel a substantive change. I arrived with heavy allergy congestion. I left feeling able to breathe without constantly coughing. 
Peggy S.
It was very relaxing and meditative. I went again for a yoga session. Both times I was able to breathe easier. Haven’t had as many allergies since!
Steven F.
Fantastic Massage, Adam is a great massage therapist and adding some salt into your life definitely is a nice bonus. The deep tissue massage was amazing.
Aaron C.
Staff is very kind and took the time to answer all my questions. I plan on being a frequent visitor for not only my lung health issues but for the over all health and relaxation benefits that they offer.
Heidi S.
The atmosphere in the room was serene and beautiful.  We could definitely feel the salt in the air. Each of the masseuses were experienced and effective. Karen, the owner helped us book this wonderful experience.  I highly recommend the establishment. It was a morning well spent, especially in this stressful time.
Mary M
Hands down the best massage I’ve had.  The studio was clean and quiet and peaceful.  The salt room for the couples massage was incredible.  I plan to go back for all of my massage needs!
Michele R
The entire spa is an oasis for health, wellness and sanity! I can’t wait to use all of the services and for my next 90 minute massage session. A must for anyone!
Soosie L
I had a wonderful massage therapist who listened to my comfort level and how much pressure to use. My therapist Nicole was professional and kind. The salt room has a wonderful atmosphere. I would highly recommend this place for wellness.
Rebecca S
What a great way to relax and spend your time. My husband and I got a couples massage in the salt room and it was 60 minutes of bliss
Lisa S
First place my wife and I went to together. Absolutely lived the experience. The salt room was amazing and the massage didn’t leave us feeling oily like treatments from other places. Will definitely be returning soon!
Rudolpho H

Full Body Massage

Give yourself the treat of experiencing our full body massage from our licensed therapists.

Relaxation Massage (60 or 90 minutes): $75, $105
Couples Massage (60 or 90 minutes): $160, $220


Essential Oils, CBD Massage Oil: +$10 each
Halotherapy, Deep Tissue Massage: +$20 each


3- Pack 60-minute relaxation massage $200
3-pack 60-minute halotherapy massage $250
3-pack 90-minute relaxation massage $300
3-pack 90-minute halotherapy massage $325

5-pack 60-minute relaxation massage $325
5-pack 60-minute halotherapy massage $375
5-pack 90-minute relaxation massage $450
5-pack 90-minute halotherapy massage $500


Halotherapy, critical for lung and respiratory hygiene, is a 100% natural therapy, safe for children as well as adults, which involves breathing in dry pharmaceutical salt particles. It improves asthma, allergies, common cold, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis, sinusitis, ear infections, smoker’s cough, For skin health it improves psoriasis, itching, eczema, swelling & inflammation, dermatitis, dry & flaky skin, acne, rashes, rosacea and skin aging.
Single Session: $40
Session for Two: $60 *with SanaSalRX $75
5 Sessions: $150 | with Sanasal $175
10 Sessions: $275 | with Sanasal $325
Single Session: $25
5 Sessions: $100
10 Sessions: $200
+ Add’l Sibling/Family Member $10

Salty Kid VIP Monthly Membership: $125

Halotherapy with SanaSal: This Advanced High Potency additive has eucalyptol and mint for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects!
Single Session: $45
5 Sessions: $175
10 Sessions: $300
VIP Memberships
$299 Total Wellness:
Unlimited use of the salt room, infra-red sauna, and Magnesphere, based on availability. Plus 10% retail discount
$199 Salt & Sweat:
Unlimited use of the salt room and infra-red sauna, based on availability. Plus 10% retail discount
$149 Simply Salt:
Unlimited use of the salt room based on availability
$129 Simply Sauna:
Unlimited use of the infra-red sauna based on availability

Infrared Sauna

Our Sunlighten 3-in-1 full spectrum sauna benefits include detoxification, immunity, pain relief, weight loss, relaxation, blood pressure, circulation, natural anti-aging, wound healing and muscle recovery. 
Single Session (20 or 40 minutes): $20 – $35
5 Sessions (20 or 40 minutes): $80 – $135
10 Sessions (20 or 40 minutes): $140 – $275
Friend Fee: $10 per 20-minute session

Magnesphere Sessions

Address the Stress in your Life and Feel Better Today!

Single Session: $55
5 Sessions: $250
10 Sessions: $450


Experience the natural, low level magnetic fields of the Magnesphere Halo and feel the impact of stress reduction on your:

-Muscle Tension or Pain
-Fatigue or Difficulty Sleeping
-Change in Sex Drive
-Digestion Issues

-Lack of Motivation or Focus
-Sadness or Depression

-Irritability or Anger
-Overeating or Under-eating
-Drug or Alcohol abuse

Halo Yoga

Halo yoga is yoga done in our salt room during a salt therapy session. While practicing yoga in the salt room, your breath deepens, which allows the salt particles to reach deep into your lungs to improve lung capacity while the negative ions help you relax and provide mental clarity. 

Drop-In: $35
5-Pack: $150
10-Class Pack $275

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a spiritual healing art that works to balance and harmonize your energy. Reiki promotes the self-healing process by creating a safe and relaxing space for your mind, body and soul to align. The client will be asked to lay down in a comfortable position while loving and healing energy is channeled to the client. Reiki can be offered hands-on or hands- off. 
30-Minutes: $60
60-Minutes: $100
Add Dry Salt Therapy for $20 extra!

Sacred Sound Healing & Meditation Class

Breathwork, Meditation & Sound Healing! Convene in the salt cave where our guides will lead you in pranayama (breathwork), followed by a guided meditation, and ending with a deep rest and relaxation to the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, all while benefiting from dry salt therapy.
Drop-In: $35
5-Pack: $150
10-Class Pack $275

Return/Refund Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of any of our salt products, you may return it to us in its original condition within 30 days for a full refund. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our Gracefully Made, I’m Salty, and EcoPure products, you may return items in their original, unopened, and unused condition within 30 days for a full refund.

Cancellation Policy

All appointments must be cancelled within two hours to avoid being charged full amount for no-show appointment.

Get Better Skin

Dry salt impacts the skin microcirculation and assists cellular membrane activity improving skin regeneration and function.

Relieve Ear Infections

Salt therapy is a drug-free and non-invasive treatment that can bring relief from the symptoms of ear infection

Boost Your Immune System

Salt therapy boosts the immune system by killing bacteria in the respiratory system


Reduce Stress

Improved health, higher oxygen intake and increased energy naturally result in reduced stress levels and overall health

Get Better Sleep

A clean respiratory system naturally results in higher oxygen intake, increased energy and better quality of sleep

Breathe Better

Healthy lungs and a clean respiratory system are essential for vitality, energy and longevity

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Salt Essentials For Home

We have a large selection of salt lamps and wellness products to purchase. Gift Certificates are available for purchase online, over the phone or in house.

We Can’t Wait To Meet You

Salt Essentials Wellness is owned by Karen Koch, a Largo local., Karen and the Salt Essentials Wellness staff look forward to serving their clients in a clean, safe and serene environment.

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