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Meet our passionate, experienced staff.

Karen Koch

Karen Koch is proud to have been calling the Tampa Bay area home for over 45 years. Having been an allergy/asthma sufferer her entire life, she was looking for an all natural therapy to alleviate her symptoms. That’s when Karen discovered Halotherapy. From that first 45 minute session, she felt immediate relief and noticed incredible results. The problem was that there was not a dry salt therapy facility in our immediate area. So, after much research and consideration, she decided to open her own. The build started prior to the pandemic and Salt Essentials Wellness opened its doors in October 2020. Now, more than ever we are seeing the power of Salt Therapy and how it can help with respiratory and skin health. 


Massage Therapist

Nurturing. Intuitive. Integrative.
Frannie has over 30 years of training and experience working in holistic health and wellness centers, spas, and chiropractic settings and has found a home at Salt Essentials.  She also has done extensive work with special populations and as a creative arts facilitator.  Frannie specializes in integrative therapeutic massage, including:

* Deep tissue, neuromuscular & myofascial techniques.
* Lymphatic drainage, TMJ & headache relief
* Pregnancy and post-natal massage
* Fibromyalgia and autoimmune issues
* Assessments and stretch modalities to help with postural and mobility problems
* Deep relaxation and calming through Swedish massage, reflexology, Reiki, Chakra, and energy work
* Yoga, meditation, and breathwork
* Creative movement & dance
* Sound vibrational healing


Massage Therapist

Clinical. Firm. Unconventional.
Nicholas has 35 years of experience. His massage incorporates sports, deep tissue, lymphatic, cross-fiber, trigger point, compression, and reflexology, depending on your specific needs. He is also proficient in rapid tension relief with the use of a massage gun.

Nick specializes in firm to deep, and extreme pressure if desired. Through postural assessment and knowing a client’s profession, he can tailor the massage to muscle groups affected by daily routine. While implementing reflexology, he can assist in working on various parts of the body in a less intense manner. Nick’s work is like no other and he can resolve many issues in a short amount of time.


Massage Therapist

Relaxing. Intentional. Focused.
Wendy has been practicing therapeutic massage for over 20 years. She was trained and licensed in Ohio. For 18 years she collaborated with a chiropractor to facilitate the well-being of the patients. She and her husband recently moved to Florida where she passed the Florida state boards to continue her work here in the sunshine state.

She has extensive experience in deep tissue therapeutic, Swedish massage, and neuromuscular therapy.



Soothing. Calming. Tailored.
By taking a holistic approach to skin-care, Brittni passionately elevates how people feel about their skin and themselves. Brittini is a licensed esthetician and loves to take care of your skin. She applies face and body treatments tailored uniquely to everyone’s skin.

Brittni’s mission is to ignite your inner confidence through advanced, results-driven skin care treatments. Her approach is holistic, and she honors the mind-body connection in order to achieve your skin-care and wellness needs.



Rejuvenating. Balanced. Bespoke.
Ariana has been in the Aesthetics industry for over 8 years. She found her passion with skincare going through her own skin journey. She graduated from Bellus Academy in California. The next four years were spent working with different modalities and skincare lines.

Ariana’s favorite thing about being an Esthetician is helping people fall in love with their skin, Her skincare knowledge and facial recommendations will have you feeling like the best version of yourself.


Massage Therapist

Nature-Inspired. Grounding. Healing.
Pamela is a St Pete native who draws inspiration from the natural world. She’s fueled by music and outdoor adventure with her two Yorkie dogs, Nov and Nova. She believes that nature can teach us many lessons about how to live better lives.

Pamela learned the value of massage therapy after surviving a car accident in 2019, which taught her to appreciate the healing power of touch. She applies this knowledge to her clients, who seek relief from stress and pain through her gentle hands and healing touch. 

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